Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Through the Power and Majesty of our Ocean


People ask me where Surf and Soul started…

Shifren’s circuitous journey evolves into a spiritual quest that takes him from the pristine waves of Hawaii and Mexico, to life in Germany and Israel, and finally to a small village where he learns the mysteries of the kabbalistic masters and Jewish ancients.

“Gentiles, Jews and secular beach rats of all stripe will find adventure here.”

~ Scott Hulet
Editor, The Surfer’s Journal


Surfers Who Don’t Surf

When asked what the experience is of riding a big wave, Greg Noll answered, “If you have to ask, then you’ll never know”.

Now, Rabbi Shifren’s new book, “Surfers…Who Don’t Surf” reveals the eternal and mystical answer to one of civilization’s greatest puzzles with great humor, depth of meaning, and life’s lessons for both surfers and terrestrial beings.

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A Kabbalistic Quest for Soul

Surfing Rabbi provides readers with a ride that reveals the magnificence of G-d and his world. His search for the perfect wave turns into the ultimate journey, a search for ones soul.

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Not All Paddle Boards Are Created Equal

Waterman Paddleboards use only the highest quality materials in our open-ocean paddleboards. We are the first authentic open-ocean paddleboard builders, inspired by Rabbi Shifren’s solo Catalina Channel paddle, and developed by Craig Lockwood.

We have been inspired by you and we will continue to deliver the best overall quality and value for your money when comparing us to other brands. Our paddleboards are proudly designed by our team in California and Made in the USA.


Surf & Soul Speaker

Rabbi Shifren speaks to all audiences about achieving goals, personal and family success, and how to live a joyous, and creative life- what he calls his own mantra: “Surf and Soul”. He is a firm believer in the power and wonder of wave-riding, to build character, diligence, and inner calm and tranquility, as portrayed in his world-wide acclaimed book, “Surfing Rabbi” available now.

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