Community Activism

Bringing surf culture and the active benefits for longevity and fitness to the youth

On July 28, 2023, we welcomed 50 children from the Metro L. A. Boys and Girls Club to Santa Monica beach for a day of surfing, swimming and playing on the beach and in the water. Hearing their excited voices and seeing their smiling faces, I realized that my passion and focus going forward was to give a similar experience to as many inner-city and at-risk children as I could. The fact that these young people didn’t even know where the beach IS reflects the woeful situation in most urban communities today. We think you’re going to enjoy the short (4 min) documentary video below, a compelling look at a unique form of outreach that opened up many eyes in the community.

Our non-profit organization, Surf and Soul Foundation for Longevity and Fitness, is working to reverse the tragic reality of 30% of our students either considering or having attempted, suicide! This frightening reality must be a critical factor in every youth outreach organization in the US. We are determined to make a difference with the help of concerned, like-minded Americans!

Blessings to you and yours

“I have never surfed. I am not a rabbi and I am not a hasidic Jew. So why am I writing a foreword to “Surfing Rabbi?”
“By exuding a love of life and joy in the natural world, “Surfing Rabbi” becomes a living ode to the Creator. This is his story. It is a good and inspiring one.”

Dennis Prager
Nationally acclaimed author and talk show host

“Surfers worldwide have always operated on faith, finding personal meaning in the waves and their attendant mysticism. That said, it should come as no surprise that Rabbi Shifren (a hasidic rabbi and dedicated, world-traveling member of the surfing tribe) has constructed these engaging parables and fascinating studies of the surfing life from his own deeply involved point of view.

Gentiles, Jews, and secular beach rats of all stripes will find adventure here!”

Scott Hulet
Editor, The Surfer’s Journal

“Rabbi Shifren’s search for the perfect wave turns into the ultimate journey, a search for one’s soul. His thoughts embrace the sea, the earth, and reflections of the times that shaped his quest. Just like the sport he cherishes, his life is about riding the energy of the universe.”

Ira Oper
Surf Film Cinematographer

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